Month: November 2016

Childhood Throwback in Cake Form

Can you even look at this and not be thrown straight into childhood memories? Coming home after school and digging your teeth into one of these babies, packing them for road trips, etc. etc. No? Just me? Maybe this is why I was a chubby […]

Rediscovered Love: Linguine with Sausage

Rediscovered Love: Linguine with Sausage

It’s basically like Christmas morning level excitement when you discover a recipe you used to be obsessed with but has slipped your mind since about 2007ish….long time to slip the mind. The reason I remember this meal that year is because we ate it the […]

Hearty Soup and a Pup!

I have TWO exciting pieces of news!!! First of all, I apologize for my absence but it was because of this special little thing:  (more…)