Month: September 2017

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

Ah, fall in Alabama. That wonderful time of year where you are ready to cozy up in your sweaters and boots and cuddle up by a fire, except for the small problem of the continuous 90 degree heat and humidity. AM I RIGHT!? I’m ready, […]

Simple Fancy Roast Beef

Simple Fancy Roast Beef

Happy Tuesday y’all! I hope your Monday and Tuesday flew by and now you can just ease on through the rest of the week. We were out of town all last week for our first anniversary in Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful and refreshing and […]

The Rumors Are True: Time Does Fly

The Rumors Are True: Time Does Fly

Y’all, one year ago today, we got married. How? HOW IN THE WORLD has it been that long? It really has been like a blink of an eye – a very busy, fun, blink. Today I’m going to tell y’all mine and Jake’s story, because who doesn’t love a good love story right!? This won’t be the mushy, gushy kind, because that just isn’t me. But it will be true, and full of real life thoughts and love.

Let’s rewind on back to 2013, when I was still a little wild and trying to figure out what life was going to be like for me – when I still thought it was fun to go out on week nights, despite the early wake up call for work, and Chris Stapleton wasn’t quite famous yet. Two of my friends (shout out to Kelsey and Catherine) and I decided to head down to Rogue Tavern for their free concert series on a Wednesday night to see this guy named Chris Stapleton that none of us had ever heard of. We listened to him on YouTube and thought, “oh yea he sounds great let’s check it out.”

The three of us went downtown with no intentions but to hang out and listen to some good music. We innocently asked two guys standing around to take our photo and got to chit chatting. (actual photo below)

They were both nice, but dadgum did I hit it off with one of them! He was so cute and polite and NORMAL. Not skeezy or weird or trying too hard. I was excited! But then, THEN he said something along the lines of “yea, my girlfriend couldn’t come tonight.” ….. …… …. I was so bummed. By the end of the night we had all exchanged numbers just as friends and the cute, taken boy, Jake, had talked me into going on a date with his friend.. We will get to that story another day, but it’s a good one. I think I even said to my friends that night something along the lines of “gosh I’m so sad Jake has a girlfriend. He seems so normal and nice and just one of the few good guys around.”

Jake and I texted some (or should I say I would have a few drinks and then decide it was a good idea to try to figure out what he was doing that night) but after some of that and some light Facebook stalking, I decided I needed to let it go. This girlfriend of his didn’t seem to be going any where.

Fast forward a couple years and handful of disappointments later, something magical happened in 2015. Magic thanks to the millennial phenomenon, dare I say it, Tinder. As I’m swiping left, left, left, I see him. Omgomgomg, I’m pretty sure I sent a screenshot of him to my friends. I boldly sent a message along the lines of “Hey Jake, guess things didn’t work out with your girlfriend?” And the rest is history.

Our wedding day was the absolute best! I mean I know I’m biased, but I think everyone had a VERY good time (this is based off the amount of champagne and mint juleps consumed). I’ll let a few pictures speak for themselves.


People say the first year of marriage is hard. Honestly? For us it was not. If we had not been married, I think this would have been one of the hardest years for each of us that we’ve ever had. But since we had each other it really wasn’t. Sure, we argue sometimes, but it just hasn’t been hard. Having someone you wake up with everyday, who makes you laugh constantly, and who is by your side through some really tough crap just isn’t hard. It actually makes everything easier.

I’m not so naive that I think we won’t ever have a hard year because I know for sure that we will. I think if we can continue to be kind to each other and trust each other the way we have this year though, we will be ok.

Jake is just the best and I knew there was something special about him! Thank you, JTW for an amazing and rewarding first year.


Photography: Fresh Grace Photography (Lauren will make you and your groom feel comfortable and BEAUTIFUL)

Day of Coordinating: Happy Event Company (Barbara is an ACTUAL angel)

Cake: DessertWorks Cakery (Yes, the cake was as delicious as it was beautiful)