All About Graceful Cooking

Hi everyone! Let me start off by saying, thank you for visiting Graceful Cooking. I’ve been dreaming for a while about starting a blog – now I have finally taken a leap of faith and done it. So here is a little bit about me and my little blog space on this great big internet!

My name is Grace, hence Graceful Cooking. However, do not let either my name or the blog’s name fool you – there is nothing graceful about us. You’ll often find me tripping over nothing, running into walls, or generally making a mess. My kitchen is the same. Many, many a recipe has been tried, and many, MANY a mess has been made through the process. But hey, it’s all part of the fun and excitement, and I’m excited to share a little piece of it with you.

I’m a Customer Success Team Lead by day, and slowly but surely becoming a food blogger by night. I have always loved to cook and have decided I want to make it a bigger part of my life. I’m dreaming big, but starting small by sharing recipes here with you. I feel like oftentimes I live to eat, but I’m trying to balance that out by realizing I should really eat to live (and make sure every bite is delicious). I’m sure many of you can relate! Because of that, you will find a wide variety of recipes around here. I’ve done many rounds of Whole30, which certainly has and will continue to inspire many of my meals. You will also find lots of recipes passed down to me by my mom and other women I’ve looked up to in the kitchen – some of these might be a smidge less healthy.

I married an awesome man we will refer to here (and really everywhere) as JTW in September 2016. He has been my biggest supporter around here, answering every scared question I ask with “Well why not!? Of course you should do it!” He doesn’t hate being my taste tester either. We have a sweet little pup named Dolly that you can meet in this post. Though she’s grown up a bit since then!

Please, oh please, comment along the way and tell me what you like, don’t like, or want to see more of. I’m here to share but also to learn, and I can’t do that without you!