Aldi Guide for Whole30

Raise your hand if you have felt like an inferior Whole30er at any point because you can’t afford to drop a couple hundred bucks in Whole Foods every week? **HAND RAISED OVER HERE**

Don’t get me wrong, Whole Foods offers some really great products that you can’t get other places, but most of us aren’t looking hard enough at our regular ol grocery stores like Aldi and Walmart. Today, I went to Aldi and was the weird girl taking pictures of everything all for you my friends!! The trick with a store Aldi is that you always, always have to check ingredients (although you really should do that anywhere). Because Aldi is a discounted store, they often partner with different brands whose formulas may vary, so you can’t just mindlessly grab and go. I think this is fun because there are always different products to try!

Before I get to my finds, let me give you some Aldi tips:

  • If you have never been to Aldi, I would highly suggest going with a friend who is familiar with it for the first time.
  • Take a quarter – part of how Aldi keeps their prices low is having you “rent” grocery carts. Don’t worry, you get your quarter back at the end.
  • Bring your own bags – this is another way they save. They do have bags for purchase there, but it’s really better to bring your own.
  • Be prepared to do a couple of laps – the layout is not quite as tidy as some of the other, more high end stores. You’ll figure it out but it does take a little while.
  • My favorite time to go is early morning. I believe they restock on Wednesday, so Thursday morning might be your very best bet! Don’t hold me to that I could definitely be wrong.

Some Whole30 finds (with prices for the most part) – keep in mind products change weekly, so you may or may not see these exact products. I just want to open your eyes to the world of Aldi!

This doesn’t even show everything I got! Below is my grocery list for the week (minus a few items I had to grab from Publix). The savings speak for themselves.

Have you ever been to Aldi? What are your favorite finds??


Grocery List
18 Roll Toilet Paper – $6.99
La Croix Curate – $3.59
Prosciutto – $4.49
Organic Italian Spice Blend – $1.99
Cabbage – $1.29
Grass Fed Ground Beef – $4.99
Garlic (3 bulbs) – $0.99
Mixed Potatoes – $2.99
Yellow Onions (5 or 6) – $1.49
Raspberries (2 cartons) $1.99 each
2 Simply Nature Dressing/Marinades – $2.49 each
Cara Cara Oranges – $3.99
Carrots (TONS!!!) – $0.99
Freeze Dried Fruit (pears and strawberries) – $2.99 each
Pecan Halves – $5.79
Whole Raw Almonds – $4.79
Pressed Juice – $2.99
Organic Salsa – $1.99
Organic Whole Bean Coffee – $4.79
Frozen Tropical Fruit – $2.09
Cage Free Large Eggs – $2.29

TOTAL: $80.81


So tell me – what is holding you back from Aldi!?!?!?

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