Entertaining on Whole30

Hi everyone!! It’s a “snow day” here in Alabama. What that means is that there was a chance of snow in the forecast so the entire city shut down. No schools, most offices closed, the most insane grocery store situation you’ve ever seen… I kid you not you would think the apocalypse was coming. I just wanted to run in to get some steaks to eat tonight and it took forever – GOT EM THOUGH so worth it. No snow yet…

During my first Whole30 I was such a hermit. Like seriously did not go anywhere out of fear people would think I was lame for not eating and drinking everything in sight. I want to encourage you NOT to do that. Most people really and truly do not care if you eat or drink what’s around. Now, if someone is hosting something specifically FOR you, give them a heads up so you don’t show up and not touch anything they prepared. But at a party or get together, just go, spend time with your friends and focus on that more than how much food and booze you can consume as you normally would. Here’s an even better idea – invite people over!!! You can prepare a Whole30 meal to show them how great it can be.

On Wednesday we invited friends over for taco night. This is such an easy one because you can have all the normal taco toppings, plus Whole30 compliant options. Here is a photo of our spread:


I had hard and soft tacos, cheese dip, shredded cheese, and chips for anyone not on the Whole30 train. I stuck with a taco salad – fajita style chicken and veggies, lettuce, salsa, homemade guac, onions, and topped with a little bit of Tessemae’s Southwest Ranch. I used this recipe as a guide for the chicken but changed a few spices (the brine makes all the difference when it comes to chicken breast). I had it as a BYOB if you wanted it so I wouldn’t feel tempted by a bottle of wine or margaritas. A friend also brought bacon and dates for, you guessed it, bacon wrapped dates. Y’all. If you haven’t had this, you sure need to. Such a great finger food for parties or a quick snack if you need one. Just wrap about a third of a piece of bacon around each pitted date, stick ’em in a 400 degree oven until bacon is cooked, about 15ish minutes.

We are on Day 5 and I am honestly already feeling great. I was a little tired the last 2 days, and have noticed that I’ve been hungrier than I thought I would be (so I just eat when that happens, crazy I know). I have already started feeling better and today I have had a lot of energy which I LOVE! I hope you like this idea for spending time with friends while sticking to Whole30 guidelines.

How are you feeling?

Do you have any questions for me??

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