Hope for Houston

Hope for Houston

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted a recipe, but I promise I’m working on some yummy stuff. Tonight I wanted to take a few minutes to post something that has nothing to do with food.

This week has been heavy and sad. I know it’s not glamorous to talk about that kind of thing when you are trying to build followers for a blog, but it’s just the truth.

The flooding in Houston is no longer breaking news, but it is still happening and it is so tragic. My company has an office in Houston and since I work closely with them, I have gained many friends in the area. Seeing their pictures of water creeping up into their homes, not knowing when the rain will stop is heartbreaking. 

These are strong people, and I know they will be ok. But they need our help. My friends, and those who we will never know but have lost everything they have ever owned or worked for. They will be displaced for who knows how long. Imagine the impact if we all donated $1!? Today I donated to the Preemptive Love Coalition. I don’t care what organization you donate to, but if you are at all able, please do. Every bit counts.

Today I also donated to the Crisis Center in memory of someone who was in my life a few years ago – at this point, he was more a friend of a friend. Earlier this week, he ended his very young, beautiful, full of potential life. No one could have seen it coming and his friends and family will never fully recover from this. A part of them will always be missing. I can’t even imagine the pain. The Crisis Center does amazing work. I used to volunteer there regularly for the Crisis and Suicide Hotline (I really need to carve the time to go back). Sometimes people just need someone to talk to. Someone warm and inviting that will not judge them but just listen. I wonder what would happen if more people had that phone number readily available. I don’t say this to create some type of sob story but to make you aware that we never know what demons people may be fighting. If you feel so inclined, donate whatever you can. And if you ever need someone to call, 205-323-7777.

Things like this are necessary to talk about. If you have any thoughts to contribute or questions for me about the Crisis Center, please comment! I’ll be back soon with my normal happy food talk 🙂 For now, go hug on your people.

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