The Whole30 Rule You Aren’t Taking Seriously

The Whole30 Rule You Aren’t Taking Seriously

Hi there!! As some may know, I have recently become a Whole30 Certified Coach. Which means, I know the rules vs recommendations of Whole30 very, very well. In a nutshell, rules are in fact, rules. They are rules you must follow in order to do a by the book Whole30, and really there is no such thing as a “not by the book” Whole30. Either you do it, or you don’t do it. #toughlove. Recommendations are suggestions that you can follow that might be helpful, but they are not necessary to complete the program. For example, two suggestions that I don’t necessarily follow – don’t drink smoothies or eat fruit/nut bars. I enjoy both of those items sparingly when I do a Whole30 and I don’t have to start over on Day 1 when I do.

Today I want to focus on a RULE that is not food related, that I think people often mistake as a recommendation. That rule is: DO. NOT. STEP. ON. A. SCALE. DURING. YOUR. WHOLE30.

Don’t do it. Seriously. This challenge is about changing your habits and working on your emotional relationship with food. I have met VERY few women who have a healthy relationship with the scale. Most women I know are in a constant battle with it. Here is how it usually goes down:

  • Step on the scale – OH HEY that number looks good I’m going to reward myself with ice cream, pizza, wine, etc. Step on the scale again – doesn’t look so good.


  • Step on the scale – OMG. WHY IS THAT THE NUMBER!? I AM SO FAT. Ok I’m not going to eat any carbs, or wine, or anything for X number of days. I’m going to do that cabbage soup diet. *then you are miserable and one day you fall face first into all the things you were avoiding and the cycle begins again*

Weight is also not a good indication of your overall health. I, personally, am very healthy based off annual doctor’s reports. However, I’m not thin (people please calm down because I am not calling myself fat here, but I certainly know I am not skin and bones). If I think about my weight constantly, I will drive myself crazy. Could I weigh 120 pounds? Maybe. Would I be healthy and thriving? No, because I would be restricting so much that I would not get the nutrients I need and I would also be straight up not enjoyable as a human.

On the flip side, I know MANY people who are quite petite that are extremely unhealthy, basically living on processed foods and coffee.

Here is the other thing. If you are weighing yourself and gauging your Whole30 success off of that, you are going to overlook so many of the other incredible benefits of this program, commonly referred to as non-scale victories. You will miss the fact that you have glowing skin, or that you are sleeping like a baby, or that you don’t have that weird pain in your knee anymore, or that you finally have the energy to play outside with your kids after school.

On my very first Whole30 I lost 14 pounds. It was amazing! I felt and looked great! In subsequent Whole30 rounds I have never lost as much weight as I did the first time, but I have never been disappointed in my results. I still felt and looked great. This last round, I decided not to weigh myself at all because I did not want any chance that I would get hung up on numbers.

If everyone listened to me, no woman I know would have a scale out to step on as a daily routine. Have one in the closet to check on it for experimental purposes every few months? Sure. One thing I do think it cool to keep track of are your body measurements. HOWEVER, again, only before and after Whole30, not during.

There ya go, those are my thoughts! What keeps you tied to the scale? What would it take to talk you into doing a 30 day scale detox even WITHOUT doing Whole30??

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