Thrive Market – Thoughts and Finds

Thrive Market – Thoughts and Finds

Hello blog world! If you follow @graceful_cooking on Instagram, chances are high you have seen an “unboxing” from one of my Thrive Market orders. I get questions almost every time about what Thrive is, what I order, and why. So let’s start with “what is Thrive” and go from there! Mostly I want to tell you what I get and why, but I want to give you a little explanation first!

Thrive Market is like a whole sale, health store paradise. Except for it’s even better because instead of wandering aisles you can just keep your tush on the couch! The variety of the products they carry is wiiiiide. I order skin care products, house cleaning items, and of course lots of food. You pay a $60 annual fee and get access to majorly discounted organic products. The savings make the annual fee well worth it.

Another really awesome thing about Thrive is that they donate a membership to a low income family with every membership purchased. I absolutely love this, because we all know how expensive eating well can be. It really is a tragedy. People get caught in a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating leading to disease, many times because they cannot afford nor are they incentivized to buy healthy food. But hey, that might need to be it’s own special blog post.

If you use any of the links on this page, you will get 20% off your first 3 orders! Plus if you order $49 worth of products, you get free shipping. And that is easy to do because there are going to be a million things you want to order! I’ll add to these as I find more products I love but for now here are some of my faves:

Food Favorites

Makeup/Skin Care Favorites

Household Item Favorites


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