Trader Joe’s Whole30 Guide

Trader Joe’s Whole30 Guide

Hello world! I am getting so many requests for grocery guides and I love it!!! Y’all know I’m one of those weirdos who loves going to the grocery store, so the fact that you are giving me all the more reasons to go makes me one happy lady. Let’s talk everyone’s favorite place…Trader Joe’s.

First of all, if you live in Birmingham, how do you feel about the locations of TJ’s? Tell me, for real I want to know. Because I hate it. Why is there a grocery store in an outlet mall? I know Trader Joe’s does TONS of market research before opening (that’s why it took so dadgum long for us to even get one) but I just don’t get it.

Second of all, Trader Joe’s has pretty good prices, so how the heck do I spend so much money every time I go!? IS THERE A SUPPORT GROUP FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME? HALP! Anyhoo that is a personal problem that I will work on, but let me share all the things I spent my money on today (and then some). I bought a handful of non Whole30 things too for JTW, but I’m going to give you only the relevant stuff. At the end I’ll specify what all I actually bought and how much it cost me!

Of course there are tons more great fruit, veggie, and meat options but those are pretty self explanatory. Did I miss any items you love? Also, has anyone done a price check between TJ’s and other mainstream grocery stores? Curious of the results so please let me know in the comments if you have!

My Full List

Mini Heirloom Tomatoes – $3.99
Hatch Valley Salsa – $2.99
EVOO Spray – $2.99
Mixed Nut Butter – $5.99
Canned Chicken – $3.29
Epic Bar – $2.49
3 Fruit Strips – $0.49/each
2 Coconut Milk – $1.69/each
Tomato Paste – $1.29
Raspberries – $5.99
Frozen Argentinian Shrimp – $9.99
Persian Cucumbers – $1.99
Cut, Seasoned Brussels Sprouts – $3.49
Cauliflower – $2.49
3 Chomps Sticks – $1.69/each
GT’s Kombucha – $2.99
21 Salute Seasoning – $1.99
2 RXBars – $1.99/each
Honeycrisp Apples – $2.99
Bananas – $1.33

TOTAL: $61.22 (except for actually more than that because of all the other nonsense I bought)

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