Whole30 Week One Meal Plan 

Hi everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Listen, at least you know we can only go up from here after that Mariah performance last night. Bless her heart.

Y’all I am so ready to start Whole30 tomorrow. I know I have done several in the past but I feel the most serious I ever have about this one (besides maybe the very first). To prepare, I made a list of why I am doing this and what I hope to improve. I will look back over this list for motivation when it feels tough to keep going. The list includes but is not limited to sleeping poorly, lack of motivation, brain fog, etc. We are at the lake right now, but I plan to do before photos, weigh and measure when we get home. 

OK time for the good stuff! Meal plan week one:

I don’t have a set recipe for some of these but here are some ideas/outlines I’ll use.

Chicken salad: shredded chicken, mayo, celery, slivered almonds, grapes, lemon juice

Frittata: head a few posts back for this recipe

Monday: tilapia will be seasoned and broiled, green beans sautéed in ghee and garlic then broiled, baked sweet potato

Tuesday: The Domestic Man Chicken Tikka Masala; I will use this as a guide but modify to make it Whole30 compliant.

Wednesday: PaleOMG Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie; this is one of my favorites for leftovers/snacks. I’ll eat it throughout the rest of the week/weekend.

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: I’ll probably have the hubs grill the steaks, basic green salad, and roasted potatoes!

Happy eating friends! Remember days 3-7ish can be really rough but the payoff is worth it. One big tip is to be sure not to restrict yourself. EAT ENOUGH and anytime you are hungry. This is not about starving yourself. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to see specific posts through this month.

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