Whole30 Week Two Meal Plan & Resources

Happy Monday everyone! I meant to get this post up yesterday for those that meal prep, but I have been a smidge under the weather.

My body is feeling great from Week 1 of Whole30, but I seem to have a nasty cold that is lingering around. Today has been the worst of it, so I’m hoping it’s worked it’s way through and I’ll be good to go tomorrow.

Lunches have been, and will continue to look something like this:


That is just a bunch of sliced veggies, a dairy free veggie dip, prosciutto, and not pictured because they were still in the oven – bacon wrapped dates. I usually go with something simple like this for lunch, or whatever leftovers I have from dinner.

Week 2 Meal Plan

Breakfast – yet another frittata! This will probably be my last week of frittatas – might have overdone them…

Lunch – see above, along with leftovers

Monday – Fish tacos! Well, tacos for the hub, taco salad for me. I’ll pan sear tilapia with some ghee and cajun seasoning, then shred that and put it over a slaw, top it with some salsa, and maybe a side of cauli rice.

Tuesday – Nom Nom Paleo Cracklin Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and green beans

Wednesday – Short Rib Tostadas (minus the tostada) from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and a salad

Thursday – Chimichurri Shrimp from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen cookbook, maybe over zoodles? Haven’t totally thought this one through.

Friday – leftovers

People ask me all the time for recipes, which I LOVE (hence why I started this blog). I wanted to share a few of my go to blogs for inspiration and/or recipes. All of these have Whole30 recipes, but are not exclusively Whole30 approved so please be conscious of the ingredient list when you are choosing what to try.

PaleOMG – This is Juli Bauer’s blog, cookbook mentioned above
Nom Nom Paleo – She actually has a full meal list from two different Whole30’s! It is a great reference.
Peanut Butter Runner – She just started a Whole30 today so I’m sure there is some good stuff to come.
Fed and Fit – Cassy Joy has got to be like the happiest person ever (judging creepily by her Snapchat)
Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Another cookbook I keep referencing. Lots of good stuff!
Skinnytaste – If you’ve ever asked me for a crockpot recipe, you’ve likely been sent to her taco/enchilada soup recipe. YUM. (not Whole30 but she recently added a tag for these recipes)

I hope you love these as much as I do! I will leave you with a cute dog pic 🙂

img_9315She was pouting because she got all muddy so I had to wash her. Girl LOVES the mud!!

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